Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canine Liability Insurance? insures all breeds and gives you coverage if your dog injures another person or causes damage to property. Canine liability insurance can pay for medical expenses and claims filed against you as well as covering damage done by the dog to another persons property. Apartments and rental companies are starting to require canine liability insurance because you are liable for the harm your dog causes to other people. If you are not covered, a claim against you can cost thousands out of pocket and cause you to lose your home or other assets. Canine liability gives you protection from the unintentional actions of your dog.

Why do I need Canine Liability Insurance?

  • Dog bites someone else and injures them –
    Nobody wants to think about the possibility of their dog harming someone, but every 40 seconds someone seeks medical attention for a dog bite.  The average cost of a dog bite claim is approaching almost $30,000 and can be much higher.
  • Dog jumps or barks – causing someone to fall –
    Even if your dog doesn't bite, you can still be at a big loss if you aren't insured. For example, you could be responsible for lawsuits and medical expenses if you're walking down the street and your dog gets excited, jumps up, and knocks someone down causing them to bump their head.
  • Dog damages property –
    Property damage is another reason to have canine liability insurance. This covers you if your dog damages another persons property which could cost you thousands.

Canine liability insurance is essential to keep you protected in the case your dog has a mishap, and in most all cases you will be liable.

What does Canine Liability Insurance cover?

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lawsuits
  • Costs of Property Damage

What will the cost be?

We are very competitive with our rates and do everything we can to make them affordable to almost anyone. Your cost will depend on variables like the breed of your dog, weight of your dog and bite history of your dog.

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Do you cover more than one pet?

If you have more than one pet, give us a call (844-467-8659) and we will give you the rate for the additional dogs.