Traveling with your best friend?


Traveling with your best friend?

Safety tips to ensure a smooth and furbulous ride no matter the distance!

By Kaylen Alvarez

Planning your next big trip with your furry companion? About to travel the distance with your pup for the first time — unsure of how to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience? Well, you're not alone. Every year, about 78% of Americans, and more than half of all travelers worldwide embark on vacation with their pets in tow.


By way of car, plane, ship or train; your pet's safety and comfortability when traveling should be prioritized. Here are some tips and tidbits to keep in mind when it comes to canine transportation.

First things first!


Before finalizing travel plans, make sure to get the green-light from your vet — especially if your pet has any ongoing health issues, history with motion sickness, or anxiety. Age is another factor to consider. Traveling can be a dangerous endeavor for senior dogs.


Assess the risk — you know your pup best! If the cons outweigh the positives, then perhaps finding a pet sitter or doggy daycare might be your best option.




Traveling by car? The front seat is strictly reserved for 'humans only.'


Whether you're preparing for a long distance road trip, or a routine ride to grandma's house, safety restraints for the second row are recommended. Sites like and Amazon have an assortment of road trip gear; like plush booster seats, adjustable safety belts, and impact dog crates that will protect your pup while they ride in style. Allowing your dog to roam free while the vehicle is in motion can lead to injuries, even resulting in fatal consequences in the case of an accident.


Once you've secured your pup in place, stock your travel bags with an ample supply of treats and water to keep your pup hydrated and nourished. It's also important to bring along a copy of their medical records, ID or tag, and medicine if necessary.


Then, you're ready to hit the road! Oh, and don't forget to make some stops for walks along the way.


Airborne Pups


It's crucial to note that flying with your pet is inherently risky. Therefore, double-checking with your vet on whether or not this is a safe option for them is a precautionary must.


Attributes that indicate you shouldn't place your pet on a plane include, but are not limited to:

?     Old age

?     Severe health complications, and/or existing anxiety issues

?     Aggressive/reactive temperament; toward humans or other animals

?     Fake service/emotional support dogs — this can be a big liability if they happen to come into contact with a genuine dog-on-duty.


If flying is deemed appropriate for your pet, the next step in preparation for airborne travel is to read up on your airline's pet policy. Learn whether or not there will be any additional fees and identify their security protocol. You should also consider checking the weather forecast for your flight day.


If your pet is seated with you in the cabin, it is easier to keep an eye on them. Pack lots of treats and water, medical records, identification, and comfy accommodations — whether it's a travel bed or breathable crate.


If your pet is stowed away in cargo, it is even more essential that you pack accordingly and set your pup up to be as comfortable as possible, seeing as they will be locked in their crate for the duration of the trip.


Finally, remember to walk, feed, and hydrate your pup before take-off. You may also want to medicate your pup before the trip if they are on any prescriptions, but never, under any circumstance, should you fully sedate your pet before a plane ride. It is hazardous and harmful behavior — keep your pup conscious.


By Ship or Train


Although sea travel and train rides are not popular modes of pet transportation, there are some cruises and train lines around the country that allow for a furry plus one. Before your trip, educate yourself on the corresponding pet-policies, pack the essentials, identification and records, and don't forget to take the same safety precautions you would if you were going on a road trip or plane.


For Extra Protection!


Insure your pet! Investing in the services from a company like InsureMyK9 can make all the difference on the off-chance you happen to encounter any hiccups along the way. Whether your dog is in peril, or finds themselves provoked, we've got you protected to guarantee a safe, stress-free pet-travel experience.



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